Legacy Compensation

ALLARD’s Advanced Leadership Legacy Compensation Plan

ALLARD’S Advanced Leadership is an opportunity for you to run your own business alongside ALLARD’S, meaning you are your own boss but without that daunting feeling of being in business on your own.

So, if you’re a self motivated person who dares to dream big with the ambition of running your own business where you will be recruiting new ALLARD’S Coordinators, as well as training and supporting your existing team…then ALLARD’S Advanced Leadership could be the exciting challenge you’ve been looking for.

The Advanced Leadership structure consists of 10 titles split across 4 levels:

1st Level: Coordinator

  • Coordinator
  • Advanced Coordinator
  • Senior Coordinator
  • Chief Coordinator

2nd Level: Leaders

  • Leader
  • Advanced Leader
  • Senior Leader

3rd Level: Executive Leaders

  • Executive Leader
  • Advanced Executive Leader
  • Senior Executive Leader
  • Chief Executive Leader

4th Level: VIP

  • VIP Ambassador

Let's take a look at the Levels

The images below display the group sales and percentage of commission earned at each level… for a more in depth look at Advanced Leadership please download the full Legacy Compensation Plan Chart.

Coordinator Level

The moment you purchase personal Products from Allard’s Concepts by Registering, you become a Independent Coordinator of the Coordinator Level Group, free of cost.

Coordinator level represents the starting point of your Advanced Leadership journey… these levels are the building blocks of your business and consist of Coordinator team members, you work your way through these levels by first recruiting minimum two and maximum four Independent Coordinators into your team. Here you qualify as Advanced Coordinator, where you will be eligible for every commission, of your new down line Independent Coordinators.

You help your Coordinators to become Advanced Coordinator; you are then promoted to Senior Coordinator then to Chief Coordinator. You help your up line to become Chief Coordinator; You go to 2nd Level of Advanced Leadership Group.

Leader Level

On progression to Leader level, you’ll be more confident in building your team and your team now consists of both Coordinators, Advanced Coordinator, Senior Coordinators and Chief Coordinators down lines. At Leader Level you will be a Leader and then to Advanced Leader and then to Senior Leader. Now you jump to Executive Level as an Executive Leader.

Executive Leader Level

As an Executive Leader you’ll continue to display the behavior of a Coordinator and Leader with a focus on developing and mentoring your team. Your business is really starting to get exciting by this stage with your team now consisting of Coordinators, down line Advanced Coordinators, Senior Coordinators, and Leaders, Advanced Leaders, and Senior Leaders.

You have four stages to achieve to go to the last VIP Level. They are; Executive Leader, Advanced Executive Leader, Senior Executive Leader and Chief Executive Leader.

VIP Level

Planning on becoming a member of the super-elite VIP level? Mentoring is key as you benefit from building your successful business at the highest level and earn rewards you’ve only ever dreamed of.

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